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ZOJIRUSHI Stainless Mug Bottle ANPANMAN with Cup SC-LG45A-ER Yellow 450ml YCFXKFQRZ

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  • £27.39
  • £48.98
  • Availability: In Stock

Body size: width 10.0

Carry Ease! Lightweight, compact our own design, was thin vacuum layer to only about 1mm. Easy to use and easy to carry bottle. Inner surface fluorine coat + body wash OK Care easy, at any time clean keep! Inner surface fluorine coat Tea incrustations and coffee incrustations smell is hard luck. Body wash OK Body can also be washed. ※ Please do not leave the water. Insulated force is high! High insulated force of stainless steel vacuum double thermos structure. And keep the temperature of the drink for a long time. 72 ℃ or more even after the hot water of 95 ℃ is 6 hours. 9 ℃ or less even after 4 ℃ of cold water for six hours. Clean! Ag + antibacterial cup Blended with high silver ion antimicrobial effect (Ag +), suppress the generation of the bacteria. Test institution: General Foundation Boken quality evaluation mechanism Test method: JIS Z 2801 antibacterial methods based on: Ag + Target portion of the antimicrobial: cup test results: 99.9% of the antibacterial effect (test number: 20215002351-1) Because there is a click feeling when closing the click and cup cup without forgetting to close, easy to understand whether or not closed until the end! Easy cup hold the large handle. Since the handle of the cup is large, firm can also have a small hand. Anpanman nameplate with! Ice is likely to put! Wide population of approximately 5cm wide-mouthed container ice is easy to put in, you can still keep a cold drink. Includes: detachable cord

ZOJIRUSHI Stainless Mug Bottle ANPANMAN with Cup SC-LG45A-ER Yellow 450ml YCFXKFQRZ

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