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1 Litre Bottle Miron Glass Violet Glass &lsquo Metatrons Cube&rsquo ZXCCBZKMF

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  • £22.14
  • £39.00
  • Availability: In Stock

Lovingly designed drinking bottle made from high-quality Miron purple glass.Optimum protection for your products against harmful effects of light.Made in Freiburg im Breisgau.Materials: Miron purple glass, screw cap BPA free.Motif sandblasted and completely dishwasher safe.


Technical details:

Size: 28.5 cm high, diameter 8.5 cm.

Capacity & weight 1 litre 694 g.

Materials Miron purple glass twist lock BPA free.

Pattern Sandblasted/Engraved.

Metatrons cube (front). By connecting all circle centre points to straight lines, the cube of the Metatron is created. It forms the male counterpart to the flower of life, which in its shape represents the female side of creation.The Metatron cube is one of the most important information systems in the universe, one of the basic patterns of creation of existence. From this pattern, all five platonic bodies can be extracted.On it lies the om symbol and on the back our symbol, the heart and the lying attention (infinity).

Miron purple glass is characterised by high quality and offers optimal protection of your products from harmful light impact. In addition, Miron glasses increase the durability of your products and extend their effectiveness.

Hand made with love - from the Black Forest.

1 Litre Bottle Miron Glass Violet Glass &lsquo Metatrons Cube&rsquo ZXCCBZKMF

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